The Hong Kong Bodhi Siksa Society, Ltd. Care & Attention Home for the Aged commenced operation in 1999 and has a total floor area of about 1600 sq. m.



The Home is committed to provide quality service in accommodation, personal care and nursing care to elderly who are weak in health and have limited self-care ability. Through the provision of professional services, diversified activities and adequate facilities in a homely environment, the residents are believed to receive holistic care and lead a meaningful and dignified living in the Home.


Service Recipients

Elders aged 65 or above who lacks self-care ability due to poor health or illness, free from contagious disease and mentally suitable for communal living can apply for our services.

Those aged between 60-64 with proven needs can also apply.


Service Scope

We adopt a cross-disciplinary approach in our home. Social worker, Nurses, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, Dietician and Speech Therapist work as a team to meet the varied needs of our residents. We are now providing a total capacity of 150 beds. Our home is equipped with facilities that includes long-term beds with pressure reduction mattresses and rehabilitation facilities,etc.


Comprehensive Professional Care

Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social worker, Dietician, Speech Therapist,Pharmacist, etc.  provide various professional treatment services for our residents make personal care plans.


Medical services

Doctors visit to provide medical services regularly for our residents.


Rebilitation Treatment

Physiotherapist and Occupatinal Therapist provide  physical exercises and cognitive training for our residents.


Daily living care and nursing services

Health workers and personal care workers provide daily living care and professional nursing services.

Professional Counselling Service

Social worker provide our residents with professional counselling services, emotional support services and diversified group activities in order to enrich their life.


Recreational and Group activities

Recreational and group activities are provided in order to make our residents enjoy their later years.


Environment & Facilities  

Our Home is a purpose-built three-storeyed building which is situated at a lush scenic land at Sam Tit Tam of Tsuen Wan and enjoys a panoramic view of Tai Mo Shan . Each room is fully air-conditioned and homely furnished.



There are 20 residential units (bedrooms) and each bedroom accommodates 7or 9 residents with self-contained toilet and bathroom.  Night lights, individual bedside tables, wardrobes, reading lights and call bells are also provided in each unit.


Other facilities

Physiotherapy Room, Occupational Therapy Room, Nurse Duty Rooms, Sitting Area, Dining Rooms, Activity Rooms, Laundry, Central Kitchen and Central Dispensary


Electric Lift Transfer Machine

Ensure the elderly transfered safely from bed to bed.


Anti-lost Facilities

Every exit is equipped with anti-lost alarm system which will guarantee the safety of the dementia.


Your generous donation allows us to sustain and develop and  help the elders  to lead a fruitful and joyful life.  Please choose your desired donation method as below:

By Post

You can send a crossed cheque made payable to ”   The Hong Kong Bodhi Siksa Society Ltd. Care and Attention Home for the Aged ”  by mail or in person to No. 38 Lo Wai Road ,   Tsuen Wan ,New Territories.

In Person

You can bring along the donation cheque or cash to the Home during office hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Sunday.

You can also put your donations into the donation box installed at the G/F of our Home.


Donation of $100 or more are tax deductible with official receipt (applicable to Hong Kong residents). If donation receipt is required, please provide your name and correspondence address to us.

For Enquiries: (852) 2402 2240

The provision of personal data is purely voluntary. The personal data provided will be used in processing the donation transaction, issuing of receipt and sending of fund-raising information.